Bloquinho do Jerold

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The Midway
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The W2K’s carnival in The Midway (San Francisco) is about the “bloquinhos” – to afford an experience like in the countless street parties in Brazil (mainly cities like Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and São Paulo) that take on the most amazing variation of themes and play the most diverse types of music. In Salvador, for example, the carnival lasts for 7 days and it is known as the biggest street party in the world.

There’s no carnival without costumes! It’s the most important and funniest part of the carnival. However, if you have no idea whatsoever, check on Instagram @bloquinhodojerold or google “fantasia bloquinho de rua” and get yourself some ideas to create your own costume. No costumes, no problem! Just throw some glitter, paint or even use a sign with a creative funny sentence.

In line with this spirit of irreverence and fun, the party takes its name from “Jerold”, the mascot frog of W2K, who is always present at events and trips made by the W2K producers. Check Jerold’s adventures on instagram @bloquinhodojerold.

Let’s have a great experience together! See you at The Midway, on February 22 and 23.